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I’ve been so distracted with goings on in recent months. 

I thought previously that I’d keep going on WordPress with this blog, but I then decided to move…

To Tumblr!

My new blog can be found at:


– I thought it would be a good thing to wipe the slate clean and create an entirely new blog.

That’s where you’ll find my most recent Photographic movements!




Small Sample Digital Compilation

So- here is  some of my work over the years… Some old and some new in here….


Porto, Portugal, 2008

Trafalgar Square, London, 2009

Snowman and child, Greenwich Park, London 2009

Sushi, 2010

Droplet, 2010

Smile If You’re Irish, Paris, 2007

Tom Jones, London, 2009

Kids, Cape Town, SA, 2008

農曆新年 虎 恭喜發財 Chinese New Year Shots…

The Chinese New Year celebrations were held in London’s Chinatown last Sunday, and I had already shot some images on black and white and colour film.

Wanting to get some shots on my DSLR, I went back a couple of days later for some colourful night time shots.

Here are the results:

Chinese New Year I

Long exposure of a car trail and lanterns blowing in the breeze in a street off the main drag of London’s China Town

Chinese New Year II.I

Chinese characters and street signs reflected in a London black cab parked next to the entrance to the main drag of China Town. A Chinese restaurant, complete with a waitress, customers and crispy duck hanging up is featured in the background of this image

Chinese New Year II.II

Close up detail of reflections in the black cab

Chinese New Year III

Festive Chinese lanterns sway in the wind, with a building on Shaftesbury Avenue in the background

Chinese New Year IV

Red, red, red: Typical Chinese colour and style from the entrance to a restaurant in China Town  

Chinese New Year V

Close up view of some green lanterns with some floodlit architectural interest in the background 

Chinese New Year VI

Overview of the main drag in China Town, decorated for the New Year celebrations

Chinese New Year VII

Colourful lanterns line the streets

How do I ♥ Film? Let me count the ways…

Yup, it’s true, film really is my new best friend. I’m still sticking very stubbornly to black and white, though, until I manage to convince myself to lighten up a bit on that one!

So like I mentioned in an earlier post, I was going to try to scan some things in, and with my Printer/Scanner now properly configured, (Thanks, Miguel!) and also a newly consolidated knowledge for making contact sheets, I can upload some of my recent film work onto here. 

Probably the lack of digital work recently has been down to the fact that I’ve been getting to know my Canon 5 recently, shooting mostly with that.

Here are a few recent contact sheet scans:

ContactSheet1: Around Blackheath and Greenwich

This roll of film was the first I ever shot with my Canon 5!

At the time, as my shorter lens on my Digital SLR wasn’t compatible with this older body (it’s 15 years old and doesn’t take EFS, it’s an EF mount) and I had not yet bought a shorter lens for the 5, for this film I was stuck with using my 75-300mm EF lens.

It’s a selection of images, some I took, some others Miguel took, around Blackheath and Greenwich Park.   

ContactSheet2: LCC, Blackheath, in the Studio with Gemma

This roll of film was pretty much all portraits. I was disappointed by most of the ones from the studio, because I used my ridiculously powerful 580 EX MKII flash gun, and a lot of them turned out very overexposed! 

ContactSheet3: City of London Architecture

This film above was shot around the City in about an hour. I focussed on Architecture, and the amalgamation of London’s unique architectural styles. One of my favourite London buildings is featured quite heavily on this film- the Lloyds building. I love it’s design and aesthetic.

This film was shot and processed with negatives as the final result all in the space of around 3 hrs… Quick turnaround! (Beautiful black and white film photography for impatient 21st century affected people like me!)  

ContactSheet4: Partnership, Willesden Green and London Architecture

These images, also, are mainly Architectural. There are some images from around the Waterloo area, taken while I was waiting for a train, for instance of the disused Eurostar Terminal, but mainly, the shots are from around the riverbank near London Bridge. I particularly love the images of the new ‘Batman’ building, near to Tower Bridge.  

ContactSheet5: Elephant and Castle, The West End, Chinese New Year 2010

There was an old Routemaster bus I saw in the street in Covent Garden which was obviously decked out for a wedding, so I got a nice shot of that. At the time, I was meeting my sister who was flying out of the country that night, and after our coffee, she needed help with her suitcases, unfortunately causing me to miss a great shot. The wedding guests were on board the bus, and while lugging the suitcases, we saw the bride and groom walking towards the bus. The shot I missed was of them walking across a zebra crossing in all their wedding day finery! Sooo frustrating- it would have been a great shot! 

Most of the other shots were taken in the West End, with quite a few of the Chinese New Year ornaments. 

The next day, Sunday 21st, myself and Miguel returned to witness the New Year Celebrations, where I shot a roll of colour film, and a couple of days after that, I went again to China Town to get some night time shots on my DSLR.

Watch this space for the images, coming soon….

Singing Ebay’s Praises…

So yesterday, I used my Ebay prowess and managed to snag myself something I’ve been wanting to get hold of since I became properly confident in my film printing abilities… a focus finder!  

I was waiting to find of of a more decent value than the £22 or so the shops charge, and I succeeded yesterday in my mission by securing one that cost me a whopping…. 


Now if only I could find a nice ring flash adaptor for the same price………

Partnership Image: John Lewis Brief Entry

We were all asked by John Lewis representatives recently to create an image under the title of ‘Partnership’

I didn’t know whether they were looking for the obvious images you’d expect to see from a brief like this, ie. handshake shots and the like, but I decided to use a more lax interpretation of the brief for my image.

Here is what I submitted:


-So this is my interpretation of Partnership, in a ‘the way different things are deemed to go together’ sense. This image would describe a coffee break…

Self Portrait Brief

So; the latest LCC brief we were set, the Self Portrait, made me a bit apprehensive, as I hate being in front of the camera!

Eventually though, I went for an image that demonstrated my love and desire to be behind the lens.

This is my final image that I submitted:

Behind the Lens: Self Portrait, 2010

So obviously I used a bit of Photoshopping to get to this final image, but I think it works well. The background image is of me holding the (Canon 5) film camera, (with a section of the lens visible on the left,) and for the top layer of this image I took a separate picture of my Canon 5 (using my Canon 50D, obviously!) 

I then started the post-processing, converting both images into black and white for continuity’s sake, and also, aesthetically, for a classic feel. I wasn’t happy with the exact imagery being shown in the top layer (the image of the camera alone,) so I digitally transformed it to get the exact imagery from the shot that I felt worked. I also, of course, fiddled with the opacity of the top layer until I found a compromise between the two images that I was happy with.

Apart from those major adjustments, the usuals- being curves, levels, etc. were also tweaked, until I came to the final image which I’m very happy with.


I got David and Adrian to comment on my image, and they both really liked it, saying that the balance between the layers in the image was fulfilled successfully, the cropping was good, and that it had a classic, 1940’s Greta Garbo, romantic and nostalgic feel to it. Success!

They also said that the overall selection of this year’s submitted Self Portrait images was the best they had seen in years, so congratulations to the group for a collective triumph!